Congratulations on making it this far on your journey of healing and personal-growth. Acknowledging that you need help is not easy and takes strength and courage. Maybe you are feeling “stuck” in life, overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities, are struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression, or are having a difficult time reclaiming your life after trauma. Regardless of your reason for being here, making the choice to start therapy is an important one, and you have already taken the first step.

About Me

I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to therapy. I borrow from many different modalities including EMDR, CBT, Psychodynamic, Solution-Focused and more, depending on what an individual or family’s needs and goals are. I work to create a safe environment, free of judgment, where it is understood that mistakes happen and what might feel like a failure may actually be a step on the path towards growth. I am strengths-based and understand the importance of meeting people “where they are at” in order to help them get to where they would like to be.

– Katlin Brooks, LCSW 75735
Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy
Oakland, California


Individual Therapy

I work collaboratively with adults to help them set and achieve individualized goals to improve the quality of their life. I assist adults in identifying the barriers to their goals and in finding creative ways to overcome them.

Child/Adolescent Therapy

I work with children 5 and older to help them cope with difficult life transitions and losses, to process and heal from traumatic events and to teach them how to better manage their emotions and behaviors.

Family Therapy

I work with families to help them identify and build upon their strengths, while also teaching family members new ways of interacting with each other. I teach family members healthier ways to communicate their feelings and to get their needs met.

Areas of experience


Trauma is caused by an event that threatens one’s sense of safety in the world and overwhelms one’s usual abilities to cope. Trauma can be caused by a single incident, or by multiple incidents over time. In therapy we will work together so that you can move forward from your past and regain control of your life.


Depression can present itself in many ways. For some this might include anger, irritability, difficulty concentrating and restlessness and for others feelings of fatigue, guilt, worthlessness and low mood may be predominant. In therapy you can learn to develop healthy thinking styles and coping skills that will combat your depressive symptoms.


Everyone struggles with feelings of worry at times, but for some people their worries can become excessive. When worries become persistent, keep you up at night, cause your heart to race and make it difficult to get through the day it might be time to seek help to find relief. In therapy you can learn how to control your anxiety levels and stop your worrisome thoughts.

Adoption /Guardianship

Families formed through adoption and guardianship often face specific challenges regarding attachment, identity formation, grief and loss that require an adoption competent professional to help them navigate these specific challenges. I work with both individuals and families impacted by adoption and guardianship and understand some of their unique challenges.

Grief /loss

Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of life’s greatest challenges. Grief and loss is experienced differently by everyone and allowing oneself to fully experience and process their grief is essential to healing. For some people, this is too much to do alone and they find therapy is a safe and supportive environment where they can begin their healing journey.

Intimate Partner Violence Survivors

Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime and all too often our society stigmatizes survivors making it harder for them to seek out support. I work to create a safe environment where survivors are empowered to find their inner strength, to learn to trust themselves and to make their own life enhancing decisions.


The first scheduled therapy session is $75 dollars for a 50 minute session. I believed it is important people have the opportunity to experience what therapy might be like with me and to assess if I might be a good fit for their needs before committing to the full fee of $155 for 50 minute sessions.

After the initial session, the standard fee of $155 dollars for a 50 minute session will be due at the beginning of the session.

I accept debit cards, credit cards, venmo and checks.


I am an out-of-network provider which means that I do not bill insurance companies.

Your counseling services may be eligible for reimbursement through your insurance plan’s out-of-network mental health benefits, medical spending, or health care savings accounts.
Because health insurance plans and benefits vary, it is your responsibility to call your health insurance provider and inquire about your out-of-network mental health benefits to understand what percentage, if any, may be reimbursed for your therapy services.

If requested, I will provide you with an itemized medical receipt called a “superbill” at the end of each month which you can then submit to your insurance company for out-of-network coverage/reimbursement if applicable.

Please note that you will be responsible for payment at the time of service regardless of whether your insurance provides you with reimbursement.


Though my practice is currently full and I am not accepting new patients, you can send me a message below if you have any questions.  I generally respond to messages and emails within one week. 

    *Do not include confidential or private health information in this form. This form is for general questions or messages. If this is an emergency do NOT use this form and dial 911 or call the Crisis Support Services of Alameda County 24 Hour Crisis Line at: 1-800-309-2131.